sitting in an open space office in a skyscraper.  there are crashes and rumbles of thunder.  the building is being buffeted with wind and storm but we work through it like we always do.  when the building starts to sway i tell my coworkers “this is what an earthquake feels like.” a woman agrees.  she’s from california, she announces to us all, and this is definitely an earthquake.  we all just sit at our desks and ride it out.

we’re sitting on lawn chairs facing the hospital parking lot by the main entrance.  this is where the people will come if there are people left. the sun is out and it’s too bright.  i’m so tired.  Ian arrives and it’s nice to see him.  He looks like 1996. He joins our camp, sits in front of me, and I doze off.  someone is lifting my leg and it’s fine, maybe i’m in the way.  i don’t open my eyes.  but then they take my sock off and feeling another’s skin against the bottom of my foot has me bolt up, awake, alert, furious.  Ian raises his hands and tells me he’s sorry, he just thought it would help me relax.  he’s restless and trying to be of use.  but i’m buzzing from the shock of it. I’m all rage and shame and sunlight, my bare foot still in his lap.