i lost a phone. not the phone i use.  an old phone. a ghost phone. the first cell phone i ever had. i insist we go back and look for it but the girls following say that they looked everywhere behind me and it wasn’t there.  on the tv a news anchor is reporting a breaking story that a phone has been found by Eileen B and i’m both grateful and afraid. i want to run screaming to reclaim it. it will be safe with me. but no one knows where she is and she didn’t give the phone to anyone.  if she took it then it is lost forever, as is she.  back in my bedroom i hear dripping.  i look up and the ceiling is leaking near the light fixture like it did in the house i grew up in when a sister let the bathwater run too high. but this is not my first house. and there isn’t anyone splashing above. there isn’t even water above.
it’s time resetting. i need to pick a direction.