in a World Market type store.  we’ve been allowed to shop today.  the things we’re allowed to get are limited and will be inspected.  but it’s a treat nonetheless.  we giggle and imagine and play down the aisles.  sexangary made a piece of art that she finds for sale there.  it’s a deep wooden frame and a midnight blue background with perfectly ripe red apples with stems glued to it. when checking out the clerk compliments the art and asks if i made it.  i thank him and say that i did even though gary is in line behind me.  he compliments the ripeness of the apples and pulls them off the background one by one so that only their stems are left in the frame.  i don’t flinch. we’ll fix it later.  i know exactly where i want to hang it in my room.  as i picture it, i see a yellow and black placard on my wall: “ORA”.  it was there when i moved in so i don’t dare remove it but i fear that it might implicate me somehow.