trapped in a capitol building.  i make several attempts to escape.  we’re not being tortured, but we don’t want to be sent home.  there are logic puzzles and word puzzles to figure out.  when people get them wrong they are sucked out into space. eventually i answer enough questions right using the little old norse i know to translate bits of the  puzzles,  and a window unlocks.  it’s windy.  i have to hang on tight to keep from being sucked away.  it’s slow going, but eventually i crawl to the top of the dome and capture the flag.  in my head it’s the swiss flag, but it’s not really.  only the colors are right. it’s a tiny thing on this huge building, a flapping scrap of a rectangle tethered to a metal straw.  i pull the straw out from its base but i’m so tired i lay against the dome and let my freezing fingers drop it.  they’ll know i touched it because it will be on the ground. they’ll know i touched it so they’ll have to let me stay.