jane is placing a hidden camera in the hotel room.  i see her licking her lips as she mounts the camera high in a corner of the room.  we’re going to catch a coworker in a lie.  we know he’s a traitor.  someone else we work with is his friend and she’s agreed to set him up.  she’s going to go with him back to his room (which is next to hers at the end of the hallway) and get him to admit he’s a traitor on camera.
but that’s not what happens.  instead she flirts with him, gets him to admit it off camera in a kitchen and then they go back to his room and fuck.  loudly.  we’re in the hallway listening to them, completely baffled.  i mean, if they want to fuck, that’s fine.  but she KNOWS the camera is in there.  why not go to her room? her husband comes up to us and asks us something about work.  he definitely hears it.  we feel awful for him.  he keeps it professional though and no one says anything about it.  he leaves quickly. it’s mortifying.
layla is not at all impressed with my story of what just happened.  she’s preoccupied with her own marriage problems.  her husband doesn’t understand that the ideal temperature for cheese is to keep it on the windowsill, not in the fridge.  like, he just doesn’t believe her at all and doesn’t care to learn the science behind it.  it’s appalling. she keeps it on the windowsill anyway of course.  who wouldn’t?