standing before a fence in the dark.  there’s a woman in the clearing wearing a green sari.  I feel drawn to her. I have to figure out how to get to her.
flying through the air.  i’m on track to land in the clearing when something goes wrong.  i know i’m going down. i take off my brown shiny leather shoes and drop them so that if i land in the river they won’t weigh me down.  but then i’m saved by a net set up high in the air.  i stand on the bottom ropes, gripping the net with my hands and looking around.  there are other men there like me, all of us above this clearing but kept so far away.  “climb down,” she says in my head. and as i start, the net extends, leading me safely to the ground.

seeing a laura in the shower.  giving her a kiss and wanting to be so much closer.  she turns to face the shower stream and i see the red stamp on her back.  it’s faded some, but not gone. a survey from the night before.  our black ink thumbprints where her waist narrows, claiming the box “very satisfied.” i follow her down the hall and complain, “but i don’t remember any of it!  this is so unfair!”  my neighbor travis walking barefoot past me in this shared dark house.  he says, “sometimes when you expand too fast, you lose your physical experiences.”