there’s a ghost haunting the campus.  friends are discussing the latest victim.  the ghost always wants the same thing, but you have to stay sane through it all or he’ll just keep coming back.  i’m curious about what it wants.  my friends explain and  i volunteer as tribute.  “so this ghost guy is going to reach out his hands and then spoon me and pee on me? and if i stay sane through that he’ll leave everyone alone?” yes, my friends nod.  well ok then.  let’s do it.
i sleep in an empty room inside this huge old college. i’m laying on a hospital gurney.  i see the ghost when he comes.  at first its hands reaching for me, arms trailing into smoke and darkness.  and i’m fucking terrified.  but i don’t run.  i cry and i yell, but i don’t run.  i stay laying in the bed.  next is supposed to come the Claudius statue dude who will climb on top of me and stay there.  i brace myself and check in with my surroundings re-ground and center. i wait.
but he never appears.