living in my last apartment with my suburban upper class generic dream family.  we see a neighbor woman acting a little strange.  she’s wearing a mask and peeking into our windows. we know her, she can come over any time.  and then it appears as if she falls.  she’s super pregnant so I, a teenage son, run out to make sure she’s ok.  but the cops are there instantly and accusing us of trying to take photos of her on her property.  i have a 90’s cordless phone. my dad opens the door and hands me a cell phone thinking i’ll need it to call for help but help is already there and they try to accuse us of having a cell phone to take pics of her.  we explain everything.  she’s fine.  they leave.
looking for a new apartment in a complex.  i look at several apartments but most of them have carpet and i’m not interested. One of them is actually a little nicer of a space, but it’s in the same section as a lady from PSG that i don’t like very much.  she’s super sweet and friendly and everything clingy and drama-centered that i hate. so i choose another space.  i notice early on that it has one fascinating flaw.  i go to a friend’s place in the same complex and try to explain the issue to him.  it’s steamy near the highest ceilings in every room.  droplets form on the edges where the slightly lower heating ducts are hidden by drywall. every day water slides down the windows no matter the temp outside.  i watch sunlight and green morph and swell as indoor rain slinks down slowly.
basically my apartment is a continuous cloud cycle.