in a dark space.  finding the end of a rope on the dirty concrete.  following it through rooms until it led me to an 8 year old girl wearing a backpack and school clothes.  explaining that i’m going to take care of her.  that i know it’s a little weird because we’re different races, but i promise i won’t let anything happen to her.  putting my arm around her shoulders as her foster parent and knowing i will adopt her.
In a house that is missing a wall in each room so that it is open to the outdoors.  symbols and games drawn with sidewalk chalk on the garage floor.  my dad and my little sister (age 8) telling me to hurry because they want to play.  scouring the internet in my dad’s office.  looking at close up images of open fields in Norway.  trying to find the place with a very specific wildflower.  not knowing the flower’s name or even what it looks like, but positive i will know it when i see it.  that’s the place i have to go.