on a blanket in the grass on a hill or a cliff.  my family is there.  we’re eating, drinking, and waiting for some astronomical event.  there’s a wall to my left that doesn’t connect to anything.  it’s the inside wall of my first apartment after college.  someone has left a glass of water unattended and i tell my little sister to dump it into the humidifier please.  we can’t waste water, but we don’t know whose it was or how long it has been sitting out.
i’m laying with my hands behind my head, sort of dozing off when she comes to my side.  she doesn’t say anything, just lays down next to me and rests her head in the crook of my arm.  my sisters are loud and obnoxious and arguing like usual.  everyone is in good spirits. we’re silent, eyes to the swirling galaxy above.  “Are you learning about me?” I ask low so that only she can hear.  “Mmmhm,” she replies, moving closer.