hannah’s nose fell off.  at first it was just loose, you could lift it up off her face like a hinged door.  but then one day i came home and it was just gone.  i looked around the house for it but couldn’t find it.  i went to see my dad and my uncle to ask about it.  i was most worried because without a nose, she was blind.  my dad said that she would always be blind but if i was worried about her looks, i could get her a prosthetic nose.  he gave me the name of the brand and i spend some time looking through old faded and disintegrating boxes of dog noses to find a perfect match.  eventually i gave up.  i went to the emergency room to see if there was anything they could do for my pup but the doctor in charge wasn’t a doctor.  he was a dentist.  and he was seeing patients that thought he was a doctor so he was performing procedures that he wasn’t authorized or trained to do. i went back home. my oldest sister was moving out soon. she said that she wanted to take jasper with her.  but not all of jasper.  just his tail.  we just needed to find a blade sharp enough to cut it.  she tried scissors on the rope cord of an antique telephone mounted to the wall.  i cried out that i didn’t want her to cut anything and if she spent time looking for a blade she wouldn’t have time to pack.  i went outside to find my noseless blind dog.  she was climbing up a hill.  the sun was shining, the grass was green, and my sister sue’s in-laws were on a bench swing.  as i followed hanny, i noticed that in addition to missing a nose, she now was missing her tail as well.  in its place was owlet fluff.