driving to a state park with Quinn.  we’re going along the backroads around our hometown. it starts to look like we are going to the trailer park where i lived in high school but there aren’t trailers there now, it’s mansions. he tells me that an old friend gave him two of the narnia books but he can’t remember which two.  he says he’s never read them and i am in disbelief.  What?! i tell him that i have 4 of 5 (even though there are 7) and if he borrows them he might have a full set.  we go to the park gift shop and i go down into the basement where i’m probably not allowed but this is where i lived so i need to check it out.  there are boxes and boxes of old newspapers down there.  in one box i find b&w photocopies of books bound like committee agenda books.  one of them is about the Smokeless Fire.  that’s what we came here to see.  it’s a giant red gem at the bottom of a pit where the earth split open.  the walls of the pit are charred, scarred cliff faces that remind me of petrified wood. everyone loves to look at it but no one knows why it’s there, how it came to be.  in the same box i find copies of my old puzzle books.  i look specifically for the cryptograms.  that’s where the answers are hidden.  i know it.