We’re walking up to the border.  right behind the giant painted sign welcoming us to Mexico is an arch of neon lights and flashing shapes: WELCOME TO BUCKETHEADLAND

So this is where we’re going to live and find jobs. Ok! I can make this work.  I get a job at a facility that trains dogs.  Dogs that have been given up because they don’t know yet how to link up.  I’m there to work with one dog specifically.  He’s some kind of standard poodle and bearded collie mix or something.  Sweetest guy but hard to get him to recognize the place where minds meet.  he scans over it too quickly, anxiously trying to please.  he will be a tough case, but i’m determined.

Layla has some other health department job in the same building.  We clean up my work space and go into the hallway where she gives me free condoms and we laugh at the easter egg colors. She tells me they’re good ones though so don’t give them away.  For a second we think that we have a locked ourselves out of the room but i find an unmarked door at an angle and push it open.

Sue has just purchased a home.  I go to see her new screened in porch.  She’s choosing fabric for her curtains and upholstery.  She’s going with the red paisley even though I think it’s kind of tacky.  it’s her place.  I tell her that I’m sorry to hear there was a robbery yesterday.  She says she is too but thankfully they only took a wallet, a canvas, and a game system.  it all belonged to the previous owner so she’s not too worried about it.