cleaning up a second floor common area in our dorm/school.  it’s a huge open space with white couches lining the walls. a guy is there and he’s nervous because it’s his first day working for us.  he’s running the before and after school program for local kids.  he asks me how many kids he should expect and i tell him that i really don’t know. it’s summer so maybe on a couple.  it’s so early that it’s still dark outside.  i go downstairs into the great room where the kids will be arriving.  i walk to the window and notice a bird standing impossibly on the thin multi-window frame.  it’s definitely looking at me.  i don’t know what kind of bird it is (a vulture?) but it’s a bird of prey for sure.  when i look it in the eyes it is somehow smiling and raises a wing to wave, a black welding glove over the wingtip.
i wave back.