They tell me Alenia is dead.  That she killed herself.  I don’t believe them.  No way. And how would they even know? So I call her.  She answers. I knew I was right.  I tell her that people are saying she’s dead and she tells me it’s true.  No.  No you can’t be.  That’s crazy, we’re talking! She says she’s sorry and it starts to sink in.  I tell her I can save her.  Just hang on.  I have enough love for her to trade in for time. I can do this.  She says it’s too late and fades away.  As I’m trying to call her back I realize that my phone cord is an Atari cord and that the cats have chewed completely through it.  That these people are in my past home, looking at me and seeing that I was talking to no one.  I go into the kitchen and it’s full of garbage.  The cats are up on the counter, scavenging. The men put me in a corner and give me an ipad.  They tell me to play one-minute games to ease me through the shock.  The only game they give me is minesweeper.  I sign up for 11 games.  It’s ambitious but I can do this.  I can solve it.  But I can’t even concentrate long enough to get through the first round. I get up.  I have to talk to them.  Her brother will know.  Maybe she left a note or something.  Maybe she slipped into another world.  She’s good at that, you know.  Probably that’s what it is.  I find her brother sitting in the back of a van.  He says there’s nothing, not a clue. Don’t get yourself all worked up about it, Sometimes these things just happen.  I insist there’s a clue we’re missing and he lets me go through the stuff in the van.  In a letter tray I find invoices for her shop.  One of them is for The World’s Largest Glass Ring.  It has two numbers by it.  525.00 and 2.50.  this is a clue.  I know it is.  One is a price and one is its worth.  Maybe.  I don’t actually know what it means but it must be something.  I go to the theater next.  She set up equipment for the one of the usher’s bands so he might know something.  But the same thing.  Nothing.  I realize I look crazy and I really do not care.  We have to go to the clinic next.  We’ll have to break in to get her records, but there might be something.  Everyone else has given up so I go alone.  I need to go up an escalator to get to the front entrance but a blind woman is taking up the whole space at the base of it, sweeping with her cane.  I put my identity cane out to tap hers and tell her she’s blocking the entrance.  She gets huffy at me because she’s blind and that was rude of me.  I tell her she’s not the only blind person in the world and to get over herself and out of the way.