we put all of our money together for alyssa’s birthday present.  i got her a tiny gold castle and a porcelain waterfall.  they were so intricate and fragile.  we all hoped that she would like them.  but the waterfall was the water only, it didn’t have a cliff to hang over.  i was setting it on the ledge of the porch steps which worked, but she would want to have them indoors.  we wanted her to have some joy during her hospital stay.  we could maybe get a brick?  but it wouldn’t be tall enough for the water to flow down.  maybe one of those cardboard bricks that the preschool kids built houses out of?  we could make one.  but the waterfall might be too heavy and tip it over.  a foam block?  like a yoga block?  if the edges weren’t curved maybe.  where would we find one of those?  we had no money left.  and it needed to be a surprise.  we were running out of time.