i am at work. my boss is asking me to change a meeting location to something like an arena.  for 30 people. it’s ridiculous. i’m not doing AV for them at a freaking arena. and i already have so much work to do.  i am sick of this fan blowing in my face! i turn it off, but it keeps going. i unplug it and watch through a window in its motor housing, a motherboard disconnects itself and is mechanically raised.
when i get home my little sister tells me my baby wants me.  i am practically asleep on my feet but i go out the backdoor into the kennel where a woman is sitting outside a cage reading a magazine. she jumps up when she sees me and opens the cage door, picks up and hands me a beautiful happy baby boy dressed in pink and spring green knits.
i carry him to the couch and sit down squeezing between my cousin Stevie and my sister. My dad is on the other side of her. i lean back with the baby against me like a weighted blanket.  i doze off but my dad is pushing and tickling my head.  i moan that i just need to sleep.  please just leave me alone.
my cousin blows smoke out the open window next to him.  it’s sunny and green outside but cool.  he says it could be a long wait.