i’m being watched. or i’m a target. or… they’re not really sure yet.  but i’m definitely the center of some paranormal or psychological plot.  the officers are sure of it.  i can’t be at work.  work is not safe anymore.  i can’t go home.  we decide i will stay with my brother.  we’re not close and he’s not like me.  but we can get in.  i’m scared. this is all news to me.  the officers walk out to give me time to collect a few things.  one officer stays.  it’s brook from NU.  we stand an inch from the other, neither willing to get out of the others’ way.  so i lay my cheek on his chest and cry. he puts his hands on my shoulders and chin on my head.  it’s going to be ok, he says. don’t worry too much. i can probably get laid by this guy tonight.
we get to my brother’s house and i skip into the bathroom.  i catch a peek of the spare bedroom as i pass.  cheap college sheets in royal blue, carpet to match.  primary red fluffy quilt turned down from a guest waking up.  red pillows.  perfect.
i shower. i shave. i hum.