in a heavy, dirty, white colonial style dress.  i am hiking up a green hill along a dirt footpath.  brett is following me.  i’m telling him he has to leave.  he says we have to try again, we’ve been together 18 years, it’s worth trying to save.  but it hasn’t been 18 years. and it’s not worth trying to save. it’s been over for more than a year. i’m done repeating that life. i’ve made the shift.
walking through a shop and into an apartment that is next to mine.  i’m unsure how i got there but they have a huge wrap around deck that i am incredibly jealous of.  i want to walk all the way around it but i don’t because that would be disrespectful.  instead i take only a few steps, enough to see the sunset.
the sun was the sun’s color and brightness but it shone like the moon and had craters.
it was fucking beautiful.