i watched a porno starring michael jordan and sigourney weaver (as dana from ghostbusters). they are in a white room wearing white.  she tells him that she can’t do this.  she’s rigid. she’s cold. she has no feelings.  she’s a block of ice and has no reaction to others.  she picks up a table top draped in white cloth and holds the square glass pane out to him to make her point.  he takes it from her and puts it aside. he tells her she can. he tells her she can use him to show herself. just as it was getting good jaimie and the kids came home so i switched the channel to the golden girls. jaimie went sunbathing on her deck, the cornfield behind her house was a lake.
a group of us in some kind of self-help course go to the gym basement.  we’re told to look for 10 things of ours that can be thrown out.  i look around but none of it is mine.  i find a hidden room without a light in it.  it’s full of books. i look up and see rafters with items scattered around.  i don’t think any of it is mine.  a student is being interviewed.  she’s giddy and blabbering on about how the professor is such a genius.  i hate her.  this is stupid. none of this is mine.
or maybe it is.
and i’m just hanging on to other people’s stuff.