talking to doctors in the basement of a mansion.  it’s full of doctors.  i’m moving here.  i don’t love my job, but i can move to better place and they like me.
inspecting a new apartment.
having a new wood paneled fridge delivered to the old apartment.
trying to figure out how to pack all of my things in a way that can be moved by taxi. throwing clothes into giant tissue boxes.
layla and grace visiting in a banana yellow corvette, grace laughing with heart shaped sunglasses on. walking and standing by a telephone pole so they didn’t have to drive the last half block to my new apartment.
going grocery shopping. being annoyed that i was ready to pay but the workers are gossiping too much to take my money. Taking my cart of $257 worth of food out to the parking lot without paying for it. going back in and doing it again, picking out some different things, but careful to keep the total at $257. i keep the total in my head. i don’t bother going to the register.  i just push my cart through the doors into the parking lot. no one says anything.  i do it again.  i get the same groceries as the first time through.  this time they shout.  i yell back that i have been waiting this whole time and they owe me $257 of groceries for the inconvenience.  they don’t even try to stop me.
putting groceries away at the old place. thinking that it’s good i have two fridges for now.