in a hotel room i hear a tapping at the door.  fuck! how did he find me? what do I do? where can I go?  i go to the door and look our the peephole.  he knows i’m looking out and he smiles.  tells me to let him in.  no.  nononononononono.  i run to the phone but instead of calling 911 i call the front desk because i don’t want to cause a scene and disrupt all of the other people and families at the hotel.  but i tell her she has to get help.  he’s here.  my ex is here and he’s going to break in and he can’t be here! she’s not quick to react.  she wants to know if he’s causing a disturbance.  YES! i tell her. he wasn’t but now he is.  and he was.  he was ramming into the door and i try to tell her in a rush how much of an emergency this is but my throat is constricting and i can barely push out the air enough to make myself audible.  she’s frustrated that she can’t hear me and he’s through the door, coming around the bed to me.  i wake myself up screaming for help.