i dreamed of a kitten appearing in my room with bandit and jaspers. but it wasn’t a kitten. it had coyote teeth and was a solid heavy orange thing that kept attacking me. i kept trying to catch it without it latching on with its jaws and yelling a warning to anyone that would listen, “It’s not a kitten!” then i went to japan and was being chased on a rooftop. i jumped off buildings into other buildings where i fell into a chimney and landed in a public bathhouse. i took a shower in some kind of syrupy tar and the locals made fun of me for having a pot holder (that i used earlier in the dream to pick up the attacking kitten.) then a japanese woman was evaluating my 3 pairs of jeans and giving them approval points.  the jeans i brought from home which were comfortable and my style earned 0 points.  the jeans i had bought in japan and were uncomfortable and had cuffs sewn on were given 800,000,000 points. then i was having lunch with my husband on our lunch break and we were so tired and so happy to be close. but all of our conversations were being recorded by his work laptop so there was so little we could say. then it was a student poetry reading in a schoolhouse/church. then learning of my husband’s dead twin. then it was baby steps along a mountain edge in a blizzard, our backs against the rock face and balancing on our heels.
i don’t feel well.