dreams that my ex is in my apartment.  not brett, but brett i guess.  and it was like as it was happening, i was walking in the sun telling my friends what WOULD happen if he ever got to me.  so two simultaneous but different timelines, one explaining the other.  and it pretty much went the way i said it would.  i tried fighting and that didn’t work.  he got a hold of my waist and I just couldn’t break free no matter how much I kicked and elbowed and pulled. i had magical dream perspective of the hallway outside my apartment and i knew my two friends were out there, pausing at the noise in my place.  and i got him (we’re still fighting like crazy, but we’re facing the same direction) to move with me to the door and the wall dividing my place from the hallway.  I grabbed the doorknob but was locked. so i was pounding and screaming at the door and walls, “there’s a key under the flower pot!  you have to come in through the back door!” and neither friend moved or looked like they heard me at all.