in a bedroom with my great grandma I. she’s taking too long to die and we’re impatient so me and my father pack her up.  he asks me what it smells like in her room and i say, while pissing into a plastic bag, “it smells like urine.”  good, he says.  i pack the bag of my own urine into the cardboard box we will bury her in.  I publish her book for her even though my dad thinks it’s shameful she will be published before me.  i go to a department store and i put self-published books on the shelves hoping they will sell.  there’s a coffee shop on the same floor and i want something sweet but everything is too expensive and most of it has meat in it.  my mom calls and asks where i am.  i tell her i’m on the 6th floor of Kline’s. she says there’s nothing good on that floor but it’s where i want to be for what i need to get.  i can’t afford the anything on the other floors.
i look at a sign advertising a blue parka sold on the 22nd floor and i want something that nice, but i know i don’t have enough change in my pocket to go up there.  they would follow me like i’m a criminal if i went where i don’t belong.