we know that there will be an attack.  we can’t save everyone but we can save ourselves.  we go into the food joint and run across the tables, startling the customers.  when the explosion happens we are safe on another plane.
she didn’t come with.  we whisper in a basement that the woman in red may have been a spy all along.  the explosion went off early, we barely made it.  she knew when we were leaving and tried to have us killed. if they know where we are, we have to separate so no one suspects us.
i am heartbroken.  and lost.  this place has a very A Wrinkle In Time feel to it.  everything is still. I am a tall blond man wearing a long gray coat and gray slacks.  and i’m weak from the trek.  i need food.  a boy tells me that i don’t look good, that i should see the witch.  she helps strangers.  he takes me to her home.
the woman who answers has a severely scarred face. she allows me in and i sit in the dark on her sofa, dozing off for a minute.  she brings me broth and tea which i sip silently.  i feel my strength returning.  i have to keep moving.  if i sit here too long, i will only think of her.  i thank the witch and leave.
as the witch, my heart cries when my scarred eyes cannot.  i tried to cross over with them.  they suspected me and and so i waited until the last second to join them, knowing they were safely across.  but the bomb was detonated early.  i made it across, but badly burned. and now i am trapped here in this house of limbo where i will always be, as i somehow always have been.