In a hospital lab.  One of the nurses tells me she’ll give me a Death Card.  She is a Death Agent and she tells me that after three episodes, I’ll be an Agent too.  I put the plain business card in my wallet feeling very proud and excited.
Pulling into my grandpa’s long gravel driveway.  Me, my mom, and my little sister in a little red car.  My mom gets to the main parking area and drives around in tight clockwise circles like a dog looking for a place to lay down. My uncles pulls in behind us and drives around us. Still, my mom circles.  I yell at her to stop and just park it somewhere!  She backs up into the yard and I tell her she’s good but she goes too far and the car rolls back off the ledge and into the gulch.  We flip over in the air and yell “please just let us let facing up!” we do.  Sort of.  We land with the car balanced on its crunched trunk, the car standing straight up with its wheels in the air. My little sister bails immediately.  She has things in the trunk she wants to get out.  My mom and I need to get the car back on four wheels or risk it falling over when we try to climb out. We shift our weight and the car tips, slamming to the ground.  We’re look at each other to make sure we’re ok.  We are.  But when we get out, the car rolls forward and there is no stopping it.  It rolls straight into the creek which is a deep stream here.  It sinks and bobs, our belongings float out of the trunk and downstream.  My sister has friends there immediately.  They jump into the water and start gathering our things.  The boys won’t be able to save it all, maybe not even most.  The car is rushing toward a father and son wading in the stream and walking toward us.  We turn away and go up to the house.
My grandfather tells me not to worry.  I’m distraught.  Everything that was lost in that creek was my whole identity.  He tells me that he has a way to fix it.  He goes into the basement, down into the pantry, and re-emerges with a folded something in his hand.  He shows it to me.  It’s a knitted square of pink and white with a diagonal lavender stripe through it all.  The piece is soft like a baby blanket and has fringe of yarn which holds beads and rings.  He displays the rings, all of them clear quarts. One of them has a white swirl in the face of it and he tells me, “There! You can use this ring.  It will be your identity.” I’m confused but grateful.