In some kind of warehouse.  Brett’s mom and I wheel in a man who is nearly decapitated.  He doesn’t want to be saved, he begs with his eyes not to be saved.  We wheel him into surgery anyway.  I go into a stockroom and take inventory.  The room is totally dark but the packages of fish lures have tiny little lights on them if you push them.  When I come out of the room the man we saved is being returned in the gurney.  Ann smiles at him and tells him he’s going to be better, the stitches will come out soon and he’ll be fine.  He looks so lost and cannot speak up for himself. I want to take a bus but I’m not sure about the schedule.  So we steal a car and speed down the road.  We’re being followed by the secret service.  They are ahead of us too and the car ahead slams on its brakes to trap us.  Instead we drive right into it, our car fitting inside their car like a hand into a glove.  We get out of the car stunned, and walk down the middle of the street.  There can’t be any way that we’ll get away with this, right?  But we do.  They think we are bystanders in our outlandish street clothes.  We just keep walking.