at the grocery store where brett is a stock boy.  the manager has called me in for a meeting.  they are going to fire brett and need me to be there to keep him calm and escort him off the property safely.  they say he worked in the pharmacy and the pharmacist tells me that brett is a terrible neurologist.  i’m angry on brett’s behalf.  it’s obvious he’s not a neurologist, he’s a grocery stock boy.  if they wanted a neurologist, they should have hired one.  and the pharmacist isn’t a neurologist either so how the hell would he know what makes a good one?  but the truth is that brett shouldn’t be working anyway and so i agree to distract him while they get their script down.  i go into a back room and say hi to brett.  he tells me to pull down my pants and bend over.  he needs to know which size to use.  i’m annoyed but i do it.  he chooses a bolt slightly bigger than my anus and i help him fit it over a large screw with a hooked end.  once the bolt rests at the bottom of the screw and sits against the wooden handle i wonder what will happen next and if caregiving will always mean getting screwed in the ass.