i’m a big black football player who has come back to his hometown.  i visit a family (my family?) in an old farmhouse.  there are two children there, a brother and sister.  they are about 6 and 7 years old.  the house is a disaster.  cluttered and with puddles of water all around the house, just sitting on the wood floors.  also spread around on the floors are feathers, white fuzzy things.  i decide i will take care of the kids.  just like that.  they are too young to be left alone and obviously aren’t being cared for.  when their parents come home from gambling i tell them to leave.  the house is mine now.  the children are mine now.  they had their chance to care for them and they didn’t.  they don’t protest.  they just leave.  i sit on the couch by a window in the front room with the boy on my lap and the girl sitting close.  i tell them that they will live with me now.  we’ll fix up the place and they will be taken care of.