working in an underwater restaurant.  like the building is full of water.  people walk in from the street and eat underwater.  tourists love it.  the water doesn’t spill out of the place when the door opens and people seem to be able to eat and talk and breathe just fine inside like it’s a human aquarium.  but what doesn’t work is printing credit card receipts.  the paper will be too wet to sign if it’s printed in the water.  duh.  i’m furious with the bank for having sent a customer’s receipt to the wrong register and i go upstairs where it is dry to call them and tell them to print another.  standing on the stairs, the scene shifts.  now we are climbing up a dune of snow-sand.  the wind is whipping frozen sand-like pellets at us and we keep sinking and slipping in snow that will not pack but instead sucks and rolls.  we’re all freezing.  wolf is determined to make it to the top and no one is looking back.  audra is shouting to keep moving. i’m never going to make it by climbing on two feet.  i don’t have the endurance or the energy.  so i lay on my back with my head pointed down. i lift my feet and drop them down heavily.  as they start to sink, i use it as leverage to pull the rest of my body by bending my knees and sliding my torso up to meet my heels, then repeating over and over.  it’s slow and slanted and my abdomen muscles are sore, but i make it to the top of the dune where i roll into the top of a train car waiting there.  we made it.  the train starts rolling.
in a closet on the train a woman with short dark red hair is crying.  she thought she looked so together but her heel has broken on her shoe and now she’s worried people see her as crazy.  for a split second i do see her as crazy.  i see her as she is, a woman in disarray, scared to death and wildly searching for any sign of hope to grasp onto.  but i blink and there she is looking together again, but upset.  i wonder what i look like?