everyone says it’s the most boring movie ever made.  totally overrated.  my dad says he absolutely hated it, nothing happens.  i decide i want to see it for myself.  it’s called Emerson Scott Park and the entire movie is a woman who is wearing a long white gown and giant gauzy faerie wings while singing through a huge park.  but not like a musical singing.  it’s a haunting melody with no music.  she’s not doing anything other than walking.  there are no costars, no scenes other than her in a green space.
there is an award ceremony for it.  it’s controversial that it won, and two men clamor to the mic to laugh and take credit and make speeches.  she is there behind them and she’s still singing the same song, the same melody.  there are trash bins with their bottoms nailed to the wall so that you can see into them.  the hotel room we are in is crowded and i don’t know why they are accepting the award here.  but still she is singing.  and it’s clear to me that she’s not singing to herself.  she’s not being artsy.  she’s calling out. it’s some kind of homing beacon.  and it’s absolutely beautiful.