walking hannah, going south on Wesley.  her harness has an extra lead attached to it that is picked up by what i at first think is a bird and laugh at the feeling of hannah being tugged in another direction from my end of the leash.  but as i squint (oh the frustration of being blind even in dreams!) i realize it is not a little curious bird at all.  it’s a leopard.  a big one.  and it pulls her into a neighbor’s yard.  hannah looks back at me but she doesn’t seem frightened, only annoyed and concerned.  the leopard stands on it’s hind legs and roars while pissing on the extra (smaller) leash attached to hannah’s harness.  i call her back to me and we turn to go back home another way.  at the corner, brett is sitting and smiling at us.  did you see that? i ask him.  yeah, he says. it was like a leopard-man!!!! i keep looking back to see if it is coming for us but it’s not.
at home my neighbor is sitting in his driveway talking to some friends.  he teases me, “you know, i’m a big guy but i’m still your friend.” i smile at Pierre and ask him shyly if he has seen a leopard around at all or heard of one lurking?  he says, oh yeah! and he shows me a series of texts about a leopard encounter but the last text is a picture of kids in a bed with a small leopard plush toy and i realize it’s all a big joke to him.
against the side of my house, laying against my kitchen window is a baby giraffe.  lonely and sleepy.  it looks healthy, but not happy.  pierre says heather got rid of the old one but then got another.  i feel awful for it.
a family friend takes me to michigan.  he he says he has to do something out there.  really what he wants to do is speed along a section of a curving highway in the dark of night.  it’s exhilarating and dangerous and i kinda love it.  but when we get to a straight section of huge hills i tell him to slow down. i tell him he is stupid for even entering this section that fast, we could easily get into an accident if it we caught too much air when the road abruptly slopes down.  we are safe but the cops surround us for reckless driving.  when we pull over at the bottom of a hill and around a curve we see the remnants of an accident of another reckless driver.  a car smashed through ice in a pool of water, neatly stacked or carved ice blocks go up the side of the hill/cliff edge.  i can barely make out the bloody corpse in the car with the police spotlights shining into the water but can clearly see bloody handprints on every single ice block going up 20-40 feet above the water and even a few feet down into the water.  dozens of ice bricks, each with a blood-red fat handprint.