at my aunt’s house, someone is reading Kevin’s old letters.  There’s one in there about the doll.  the doll is in the trunk.  it’s a rubber and latex doll that looks just like kevin.  super fucking creepy.  but, people are in mourning so you can’t say that politely.  we put the doll back.
at home it occurs to me that kevin IS the doll.  he didn’t die.  he sent his spirit into the doll.  now he’s silent and unable to tell anyone that he failed at dying again.  i have to kill him.  i don’t want to touch the doll.  what if it feels like skin? what it’s it’s warm? what if my hairs catch the tickle of his breath?
we are in my childhood home.  brett is rambling on and on about how he has to send a package to a girl and he has to get it to her on time and he has confirmed all of her information but then it turns out that she won’t start that job for another 5 months.  i have put the doll in the trash.  i locked it in a tackle box made of surgical stainless steel.  i put it in a plastic bag so brett won’t suspect anything.  after he walks by it several times i decide i have to bury it.  he should have suffocated by now, right?  i need to bury him somewhere that brett can visit just in case i tell him the truth one day.  i know myself well enough to know the truth always comes out, i can’t help it.  so i pick up the bag and go hunting for a place to bury him in the flat land covered with dead leaves.