Rod and Todd Flanders from The Simpsons have a plan.  they go up to the farmer on his tractor (a normal guy in a natural landscape, not a cartoon like them) and they ask him to help them with their taxes.  they claim it’s just too difficult for them.  the farmer looks at the binder of documents they offer him and one of the tabs is labeled with red letters that read “Word of God” and the farmer cries out his thanks.  he has been looking for a way to Serve and god has given him that opportunity! his tanned upturned face glistens in the setting sun with sweat and tears.  the Flanders kids look at each other and smile.  their plan has worked and they’ll both get to marry his daughter now.
in a hotel. my uncle is there and some other people.  they are all complaining about how hard things have been for them lately.  my uncle is some sort of church appointed counselor and i think that’s a cruel joke on these gullible people.  he asks me, “katie, you’ve been awfully quiet and haven’t shared much.  what can you say about your situation?” and i go off.  what the fuck does he want me to say? does he want me to say that it’s been awful?  does he want me to point out all of the times i’ve dealt with shit on my own in order to shield others? if i don’t say anything, the attention is on me.  if i let others be disruptive, the attention is on me and how i’m dealing with it.  there’s no winning this game so i’d rather not play.  i go to the balcony of this 2nd floor hotel room and look out at the indoor pool.  i think the overhang might be enough to make it into the pool but i’m not sure.  a girl about 8 is standing across the way and to my left. she is going to try to jump in from her balcony.  she does it and her mom and aunt are in the pool and catch her in their arms before she can land a technically perfect but greatly painful belly flop.  i smile at their love for each other.
i go into the church/hotel basement for the graduation ceremony.  it’s for the boys’ class.  everyone is so proud of these young men in their graduation gowns.  on the table to the right are what i think are wands but when i touch them they are bark only and marked with a few horizontal lines lightly etched down the middle of each one.  i think that they must be holy scrolls, like mezuzah.  they are soaking wet and they will rot soon.  there are several left.  i start to say “some of the boys forgot their wands!” but no one cares and i let the sentence die midway through.