i’ve been waiting to see my court appointed counselor for a long time.  i give up and go into the bathroom in the police station.  i take the dead bloody hand out of my bag and let it slap the floor.  then i dig until i find a giant butcher knife in my bag.  i pick up the hand and cut it into small pieces, flushed it down the toilet, and then used the convenient bathroom cleaner (with bleach!) in there to clean up the floor, the knife, my hands.  i leave everything as it was and place the knife under the sink.  then i go back out and to the desk where i yell loudly about my counselor never being available.  i see her walking toward me surrounded by dudes in suits and she’s laughing.  i yell at her that she’s missed our appointments, i required to see her, she has to see me!  she tells me she’s swamped, that there’s nothing she can do, i just have to wait, i’ll be fine.  since they won’t help and don’t suspect me of anything, i walk out.  idiots.
the rest of the dream is too weird to follow.  a circle of phones on the floor.  we ram adapters and cards into them – all of them at once so sometimes 3 phones will turn on at the same time.  some of them play music.  others just light up.  my phone is in there and it’s on but i keep focusing on the orange and yellow phones next to it.  there was some kind of cult.  somebody was dying.  silhouettes seen from the next room.  my little sister was there.  they needed a priestess.  i don’t know.