at the edge a large natural pool of cool clean water.  there are several people standing around on the marsh.  i’m in a long orange and brown dress again.  this time it’s silk.  i have to be the one to show them it’s ok.  i have to lead them into the water.  i step in and then quickly dive under to acclimate myself to the temperature.  it’s not bad.  definitely cold, but i get used to it quickly. in the middle of the pool it is neck deep and i smile at everyone.  i tell them that it’s ok, that they only need to give it a try.  i walk to the edge, still knee deep in water and lounge against the slope of land.  these people are poor, their clothes shabby, their teeth broken. they’re still my people.  they start to inch their way down to the water.  a few wade in, laughing at the cold.  it’s going to be ok.

in a movie theater, an announcer comes out with a mic and announces with game show gusto that the next act will be Buckethead and there will be prizes.  Bucket comes out and the guy tells bucket to go ahead and choose contestants, ask them questions to see if they win! and I snort because the guy clearly has no idea what or who Buckethead is.  Brain is sitting next to me and tells Bucket, “ok, ok, i got this, don’t worry.” and he starts taking notes, writing down what a prize will be to each person bucket stands in front of.  Most people are just requesting songs which Bucket plays a section of.  and then he’s standing in front of me and I know what the question is he’s silently asking but to find a song that represents my answer…  Brain tells me to just pick one.  But I can’t.  all the track names are scrolling in my head and none of them are what i mean.

pushing myself along a gravel road into the trailer park where only tents are.  i’m on a board of some sort that seems to be motorized but not enough to go faster than a walk.  i lay on my stomach and steer with my hands, pushing the ground to go one way or the other.  we didn’t need a pass to get in this park like you do at the other Woodhaven.  I guess the tornado and having everyone displaced reduced security measures.  I’m grateful because it means i get to visit my sister Sue. her tent is two left turns and up the hill.  she’s home and her place is cozy.  she has multiple tents set up, high draped things forming rooms with purpose.  i go into the meditation room and sit on a red cushion.  she has small wooden shrine boxes and trunks in there. the sun light through the canvas walls and the red furnishings and the dark wood make it a very relaxing and intoxicating place to be.  i dig through a shrine box, feeling the tumbled rocks and crystals more than i see them.  there’s one here that i need.  i know there is.