sitting on the floor and talking to Mo on the phone.  She tells me, “Promise you won’t use Chaos Magic. You can’t. It’s too risky.  If he takes advantage of it, he’ll use it against you.  Don’t use it. Not even a little of it!” I’ve got my dog in a shoebox I painted black and I tell her, “I’m using a safety box. Don’t worry.  It’s a SAFETY box, the exact opposite of chaos.  Stop worrying.  Please. I’ve got this.” I hang up and get to work.  If I can keep Hannah calm….  I begin to give her a reiki shoulder massage.  As she drifts off, we combine powers.  i bilocate to a barber shop where we are holding a demon still with our minds.  I bind him to the chair with chains and cuffs.  I pierce his eyelids to hold them closed with metal clasps. If he gets loose, he won’t be able to see where I have gone. His blue skin is taught against his muscular frame and i take a minute to admire how massive and beautiful and dangerous he truly is.  I am startled awake by Hannah flying off the bed, snarling and slamming herself into the front door, guarding me from who knows what.  After a few seconds she returns and we go back to sleep.
My mother shows me the shed on the far side of a parking lot at the mall.  she releases the padlock and unfolds the doors.  Inside is a tall bed with clean blankets and soft pillows. She tells me it’s going to get hot, so I should consider sleeping under the dome (awning). I tell her thank you and plan to sleep with the doors locked closed.
staring at a clock in a tiny room in a bowling alley, I ask Ben what time it is.  The hands of the clock are clear and from this angle I can’t tell if I’m reading it right.  I think it’s 20 to 3. Ben tells me it’s 20 to 4.  I look at the clock again.  It definitely looks like 20 to 3. But we’re bored and if everyone thinks it’s later, then we can leave. I go to pay for our lane while a stranger plays a song on the jukebox and meet my friends outside. I comment on how close they parked and Audra yells that they are the luckiest people in the world. Maybe we’ll go get drinks.