we are in a place that is a little like Prairie House.  Communal feeling, but also business-like.  we all sit in the main room with our coats and sleeping bags but i keep trying to get people to go through a side door in a room to our left that leads outside.  no one does it.  one person goes outside and walks by as far as the window but then hides behind the black shutters and never goes through the door, giggling at their prank.  Finally Susanne arrives through that door and i say to her, aren’t you impressed with how i much cleaner that room is?  i have worked very hard on it and have been waiting all day for someone to notice.  she barely glances back, having just come through it, and says dismissively, “i hadn’t noticed.”
i go in the room and pick up things I find on the floor.  how did it get so messy already?  most of it is clothes, but i also find a very long straight pin hiding in the end of a stream of toilet paper.  i could have stepped on that.  anyone i sent through the room could have stepped on that! and though i am a little disappointed that no one did, i’m mostly relieved.  i am not carrying that much laundry out of the room but the weight of it causes me to almost fall over.  a man says, “here, let me take that for you.” and takes a couple items from my arms.  Brett is there in that main room.  he says that he is sick and i should be worried about him.  oh yeah? i ask.  he says yes, i should! messina told him that he must have the worst cold in the world and let him rest his head in her lap. i shrug and nod.  if he’s really sick, i’m glad he is being comforted. but i’m also grateful it’s not me that has to be the one to do it.