my little sister is in a hallway.  she’s showing me her fishing rod.  it has a glowing lure on the line and her shirt glows also.  it says something in glowing words but now i can’t remember what.  i tell her it’s stupid, that she messes up everything and isn’t that special.  she’s really hurt and i don’t know why i attacked her like that but i take her fishing pole and stomp off.  i go into a room that has a large pool in it.  growing over the left side of the pool is a large bare tree.  i climb up it.  i want to climb across a branch and then down to another branch where there is a nice place to sit but as i’m climbing down, the smaller branches are all broken off like pegs of a ladder and they are so wet from the humidity in the room and hollow from rot that the dark bark bends under my weight and i’m afraid i will slip and fall to the ground.  so i settle on one thick branch bare of bark and wonder if my fishing line is long enough to touch the water from this high up.  there are people sitting around like it’s a park.  this room is huge.  i stare at a couple in their winter coats walking across the water and i realize that it’s frozen.  i can’t fish from up here anyway.  the room is so warm i can’t believe people aren’t telling the couple to get off the blue ice, it might crack. i look behind me and see that the back of the room is a kitchen.  my mother is there and i go to her.  she creating balls of what looks like falafel but i realize it’s bananas and crushed almonds that she deep fries to serve with ice cream.  the kitchen is a total mess.  when she’s done creating the treats, she starts to clean up.  she reaches into a tupperware container and pulls out cold wet spaghetti with sauce that she throws away.  i gag and cry and shake my whole body in disgust.  how can she stand to touch that?! even with gloves i would have a hard time. she insists it’s nothing.