hiking in a national park near a state college campus, i come across a canyon.  a circle of waterfalls rushing into the center, a small pile of mossy stone islands in the center. superimposed on the waterfalls are yellow subtitles in japanese.  they say how tall each section of the falls are and how fast the water is rushing.  the ground i’m standing on is dry and bare for miles, it’s cracked with drought and the horizon is yellow with dust.
the waterfalls are mysterious and so beautiful i want to feel them, to see them up close, to taste them, to hear their shouts and allow them to drown out all thinking.  fully clothed in all black and still wearing my backpack, i jump in.  i don’t consider how cold it might be until i hit the water at least 100 ft below.  it’s cool, but not cold.  i watch the bubbles rise as i sink and worry that the falls will suck me down but i rise and reach the surface easily enough and toss my backpack onto the island.  i realize i don’t have any way out or any way to call for help and no one knows where i am.  but it’s so nice, i’ll enjoy sitting here while i can.
back on campus, hanging out in a lobby i ask quinn how the helicopter found me so soon and knew to send down the disc swing to pick me up and out of the canyon.  he said he noticed i wasn’t around and just figured that’s where i’d be.  he knew that if i found it i would want to see it up close.
at a vet office, i request to see a cat. i brought it to the shelter.  it’s mo’s cat that she couldn’t care for once it got sick and i couldn’t have anymore cats in my place so i brought it to the vet/shelter hoping it would get the care it needed.  it’s a deep orange short haired tabby.  he’s a shy adult and his health is improving some, not completely.  it’s unlikely he will be adopted out anytime soon. i just want to spend time with him and make sure he knows he is loved and knows what it feels like to be outside of his cage.  he’s so affectionate, i feel like he’s doing me the same favor.