watching a space mission on a big screen.  it’s a V constellation and Princess Leia is approaching the left top point and someone else (not sure who, a male) is approaching the right top point.  the whole thing is a black background with three white dots for stars and two smaller white dots for astronauts.  both astronauts come to a halt near their stars and everyone cheers.  a jagged, poorly drawn, white ms paint line links each astronaut to their star for measurement.  Princess Leia is closer, only 3 miles from her star! I knew she could do it.
Steve is walking through our apartment, pubes showing and hands down his shorts.  “I have crabs” he announces.  he doesn’t seem to concerned or irritated.  i forget what happens in between but at some point after a day of errands or work or something he asks me if i’m ok.  i tell him that i’m fine.  frustrated and tired and in need of a fuck, but ok.  he says ok and lays down on the bed. i’m so confused by this.  he’s gay and i’m not at all attracted to him. as he’s undressing on my bed i start to freak out “don’t you have crabs?!” i ask him.  when his shirt is off i see that his chest is covered with dozens of dots.  i crawl onto the bed for a closer look and am both fascinated and disgusted.  they are like cross-sections of mushrooms spliced with his skin. the dude is covered in fungus.