we are in a house, me and my dream-dad and dream-family.  it’s been totally abandoned but all of the previous owner’s belongings are in it still.  on the kitchen table is a holiday tin that i expect to hold cookies or sewing supplies.  what i find inside is a crocheted top hat. it’s lavender with an orange and yellow knit flower attached. across the front of it is a sticker like buckethead’s FUNERAL sticker but instead it says HELLO BETSY.
i wear it out to meet karen and mike.  they are going to show me the area and say they know a really fantastic restaurant.  we go there and all the streets feel too narrow, the buildings block out too much light even though they aren’t that tall.  it’s hard to tell what time of day it is.  when we sit at the restaurant (opting to sit outside in metal chairs) we order tea and soda and check out the menu.  everything has pork loin in it.  everything!!! we ask the wait staff if we’re reading the menu correctly.  they say that yes, it all has pork loin. it’s a very flavorful meat and loved by all.  well….  i don’t want it.  i don’t want to eat meat at all.  “i thought this was supposed to be heaven” i say to them. karen and mike and i look at each other trying to decide what to do.  we decide to run for it, not paying for our drinks.  mike leads us across the street into a building entrance, a giant gap in the brick face, that becomes a dark tunnel that is lit with red track lighting.  it feels like a mall and our shoes squeak against the buffed floor reflecting the red lighting but there are no businesses there. we run and run and run and come out a few blocks away in another part of town.  the buildings are built on all different levels, the streets are parallel but some go uphill and some go downhill and some go straight.  we decide to just eat at the closest cheap place we can find.