in a movie theater watching the super bowl on the side wall.  on the actual movie screen in the front is a preview for a movie that will be shown after the football game.  it’s a Steve Martin dramedy combined with something like Legend. we live in a post-apocalyptic world so this is the only place to see the game.  it’s not packed, but it is a little rowdy.  and although it had started out as a controlled crowd, people are starting to loot the candy aisle and push each other around.  we’re going to have to leave early before things get too violent, which sucks.  i wanted to see that fantasy movie. the princess was wearing the most beautiful green fairy dress and she lay open-eyed in a puddle reflecting the tree leaves above her.
we’re painting my mother’s house which is a giant old farmhouse.  someone has put a roller in a paint pan that is way too large to use.  first of all, it’s covered in something like shag carpet so the thing just soaks up paint, AND it’s gigantic so lifting it and squeezing out the paint evenly is going to be a huge pain.  i get a normal sized roller and use it.  as we’re painting the second story entirely black, i realize that it doesn’t match the green my mom has already painted on the first floor of her home. i say something a guy friend about us painting it black instead of green and now it doesn’t match.  he says it’s fine, that she wanted that section to be green.  why? i ask him.  he shrugs and says “i don’t know, maybe for the giftery.” i didn’t know my mom was opening a shop, but i’m happy for her.
in the yard is my tent and inside the tent taking up almost the entire floor is a paint pan.  i dip my roller before walking back to the house and my cousins enter the tent to play.  i tell them to stay out, that it’s not something to play with.  they say they are helping, they just want something to do.  i tell them they better not mess anything up and when i come back there better be three paintbrushes in there.  i know the big wooden handled things are in there somewhere but they may have rolled under the pan. the brown girls in their white dresses cry out as i’m walking away that they found the paintbrushes! they’re here!  they’ll put them in the pan for me so i can find them when i come back.