i am living with a group of girls that hate me.  they are so snotty and awful and i just try to avoid confrontation and go to school for veterinary medicine then come home and go to my room.  these girls are ruthless.  getting by them without some sort of insults or pranks is nearly impossible.  my boyfriend is visiting and we get to my room but we hear them giggling so we know something is up.  we lay on the bed and underneath the blankets is a large lump.  it’s a dead dog.  i know it is without looking.  they took a dog from the freezer at school and they put it in my bed.  i don’t want to look.  i tell my boyfriend i’m so tired of them seeing how much they hurt me, i just want to sleep.  even if it means sleeping on a dead dog.  he asks me how i know it’s a dead dog, what if it’s something else? and for a moment i am frozen in fear thinking that it could be a dead child instead and they are expecting me to think it’s a dog and look at it but then be shocked to find a child.  i have to look. there is another smaller lump between us and i pull the covers back.  it’s a brindle puppy and it’s not dead.  it’s got a telephone cord wrapped around its neck with a rape whistle attached to a keychain.  the cord is also tied with tiny intricate knots of black thread.  it’s cutting off his airway, but not completely.  i take it to another room in the house which is an exam room.  i set it on the table.  the cord and knots are so tight i can’t get scissors or a blade behind them without freaking out or injuring the anxious pup.  so i grab fingernail clippers and i snip the black knots one by one.  there are several, but once i get them the cord loosens a bit and i snip that too.  the puppy sat still the whole time.  scared and weak, but aware and trusting.  knowing i was helping it.  the puppy follows me back to my room.  i yell at the girls that they didn’t succeed this time.  that i can bring the dead back and they better not piss me off or i’ll bring back the large black dog still in the bed. they look scared out of their fucking minds.  finally i can sleep.