ann is showing me the wedding invitations.  she wants to make sure they are alright.  they are so very ugly.  pads of thin yellow and pink ruled paper, like those that came in cheap 80’s notebook sets, cut into cutesie shapes that unfold like paper dolls.  the paper is so thin the ink from the opposite side shows through.  it is full of gray stock photos that don’t include the bride and groom (who’s getting married anyway?). but it has the needed prompts for # of guests attending and meals needed so i tell her they are just fine.
watching a presidential debate and john asks a question from youtube.  his address is painted above the doorway in brown lettering to advertise his bed & breakfast and i think that’s very smart of him.  also i think it’s hilarious that he lives on half-nut drive.  the wedding will take place there.  all 8 rooms have been reserved.
someone has given me a smart phone to take photos at the wedding reception.  i’m excited to have a camera that is a million times sharper than the one i’ve currently got.  and it’s small!  i walk along a highway to my left, a fenced off field to my right.  i take photos of natalie sitting full lotus under a tree. she doesn’t see me.  the field is so much like my grandpa’s pasture that i know i must be close to home. a man on a bicycle is in an accident.  i use my new phone to call for help.  he seems to be ok at first, banged up and partially broken, but alive and conscious.  but when the paramedics arrive he is dead.  i don’t understand how this can happen.
so as my little sister, i go back in time to just before the accident.  i don’t see natalie in the field this time but the guy crashes just the same.  i stay with him this time, make the call while facing him, and when he stops breathing i am there to clear his airway and get him breathing again.
in a second floor room with the white sun filtering through sheer curtains, a thin white man and a large black woman question me. i am still my little sister. why did you go back? because i thought i could. if i could save him, i had to try.  they tell me that is some powerful hoodoo shit and i need to be careful i don’t draw attention to myself.