i went to see a french movie but the screening was delayed because a cast member was sick.  so they had re-written the entire film and instead of it being a love story between two people, it was now a ninja story with 3 people.  i was stoked.  this is a much better story! i watched them add two new names to the marquee, one of them had all overlapping letters to form a super-frenchy sounding name.  sia and deoxeunge and…  something else.  all names of characters.  all of the overlapping letters lit up so i watched them fit these custom metal frames with colored glass over lights into each other like perfectly fitting puzzle pieces. it was going to be a few weeks before the movie was ready so i went for a walk.  along the cold and desaturated  street was a table set up and at the table were brett and an inspector.  the inspector looked like he was part of an old black and white movie and fit in perfectly with the faded surroundings. he stood straight and tall in his black wool coat. brett was dumping all of my rocks onto the table and let the inspector get first pick of which to keep.  the only rock he took was a big amethyst pillar that was actually one of brett’s favorites. ha!  serves him right, i thought. the deep purple stood out more than any other color but i was not swayed. brett kept pouring different selections of rocks onto the table.  almost all of them were rough geodes he had found and amethyst chunks he bought at estate sales and expected me to be tempted by.  i wanted none of them.