we were packing.  there were folded blankets being put in layla’s SUV. she had the back seats folded down.  we were trying to get away so we could smoke without being seen.  jaimie and taira followed us and jumped into the van right before we were ready to leave. layla looked at me for a decision on whether they could join us or not. they sat hopefully on top of the folded seats. i told them that we were going to have a very chill time and if they disturbed that chillness, they were getting kicked out and had to find their own way home no matter where we were at the time. they agreed. layla gave me a cardboard tube to smoke out of. i didn’t get anything from it but that was ok. i didn’t need to get high, i just wanted to get AWAY. layla accidentally put the car in reverse and sped around too quickly. she managed to steer well and we didn’t hit anything.  we laughed our nervousness away and took off.  on the expressway she merged and sped dangerously between and past multiple red boxy looking cars before settling on a reasonable rate of speed. when she took an exit ramp, instead of it curving around once and putting us on a straight road, it just kept spiraling clockwise. down and down and down. she was going too fast and we all wanted to barf.  when it ended, she slammed on the brakes. we were there. really? i looked at her. she was taking me to a baseball game? layla hates baseball!  i laughed and hugged her.  the stadium was an ancient looking courthouse.  we went inside and took our seats on blue velvet upholstered metal chairs behind a window where we could look at the game through glass.  it was dark and a little weird, totally separated from the crowd. a guy kept trying to tell me about their special brewing process. we were there for some promotional event that i really did not give a shit about. at some point i think i told him to go away, i don’t drink. back in the car i examined the pipe again. it had green embroidered cloth from a coin purse i own adhered to it with hot glue that had dried stiff and sharp in places. and under the bowl was a cardboard cap, like a lens cap.  i laughed at it and showed it to her.  no wonder i wasn’t feeling anything. the cap was blocking all the smoke from going through the tube. and we laughed again because my sister and her friend had insisted they were high.