at some kind of fancy conference center.  the conference rooms are all bright and glitzy.  everyone there is very wealthy and it’s inside a vegas-style hotel mall.  i was given a discount ticket and only went because i knew i could get my prescriptions refilled at the pharmacy inside.  i put my bottles on the counter and ask for them to be filled please.  one of them is Hannah’s and in a blue bottle, but he is going to fill it anyway.  what he won’t refill is my glass bottle of rosemary because i don’t have a prescription for it.  what?! i argue with him that i have obviously already been given rosemary, the bottles is still 1/5 full.  he says it’s company policy.  i give up and go to grab my refilled bottles.  he stops me and tells me that the only way i can collect them is to go through the neighboring room.  it’s a cage match with a full audience.  fine.  as soon as i walk in, they announce that i’m fighting.  i just want to get it over with so i don’t protest, i just step into the cage.  the dude i’m fighting is wearing a red wrestling singlet and is way too pumped about taking me down.  however, he fails. because i am calm and wait for him to give me the opportunity for an arm bar.  it doesn’t take long.  when i win, i get up off of him, pick up my bag, and leave with the crowd cheering.
there’s a weird out of place moment when i am in a room alone holding a brown porcelain pig and singing a lullaby to it: “Now your wings are wiped away and you’re like everyone else…” over and over.
i also try to read Brazilian reviews of my fight. all i can make out is that they liked my outfit – chucks, jeans, and an iron maiden shirt.
i go back through the pharmacy, nod at the pharmacist, stuff my re-filled bottles into my bag, and go back into the main mall.