Dreamed Lillith killed herself in my room as her former self, Vincent. I didn’t notice the first day. I was too exhausted from working at the hospital.  I just came in and laid on the unmade bed, fully clothed, and passed out without even turning on the light.  The next night when I came home I saw her there, slumped in a desk chair, her hair in a cute boy cut, wearing a striped brown tank top and jeans. I called friends but no one knew what to do.  I touched her once but it was clear she had been dead for a while.  She hadn’t been seen anywhere for a couple days.  On the 3rd day she woke up like nothing was wrong.
I kept trying to get into the hospital intern computer system so I could retrieve northwestern references and their contact info. I needed it for job applications.  On the shades of the computer lab someone had written with red paint “The only difference keeping Travis Dickerson from making records is one million.”
Karen was visiting but she didn’t bring money for the hotel so I had to pay but once inside the hotel she was Brett and he said he had already checked in and could just use his ID. But wouldn’t he have to pay checking out? I just wanted to get it over with even though I didn’t want to have anything to do with it at all.